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Federal judge temporarily blocks Arkansas abortion restrictions

An Arkansas federal judge blocked three state abortion restrictions that would have gone into effect Wednesday, one of which requires abortion providers to be board-certified gynecologists, which would have closed the state’s last remaining surgical abortion clinics. Supported by ACLU Arkansas and Planned Parenthood, the Arkansas clinic in question, Little Rock Family Planning Services, challenged… Read More »

Justice Alito blocks Louisiana abortion law, citing need for more time

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has temporarily blocked abortion restrictions in Louisiana from going into effect, pushing off the question for another week as to whether the high court will soon be forced to weigh in on the issue of abortion rights. Alito stayed the law until Feb. 7, saying that filings were only completed… Read More »

The Left is celebrating dangerous mail-order abortion pills

Europe has been watching America’s relentless fight over abortion and has, out of indiscretion and greed, apparently stepped in to offer its services. The elusive company “Aid Access” facilitates abortion services for women following online consultations, so long as they are very early in their pregnancy, less than nine weeks. This has been going on… Read More »