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Mum almost dies from skull infection caused by cotton bud which got stuck for 5 years

Cleaning your ears may be a harmless part of your hygiene routine, but it almost killed Jasmine Small. The mum-of-four experienced a VERY close call following years of hearing problems and suffering from other unpleasant symptoms, such as discovering a brown, smelly discharge and bleeding whenever she cleaned her left ear. Jasmine, from New South… Read More »

Pharmacy error caused months of misery

Q: I had a prescription for levothyroxine filled in February and just now noticed that it was for 25 micrograms. It should have been 75 micrograms. My internist raised the dose to 100 micrograms when my thyroid stimulating hormone came back as 4.99. The pharmacy made a dispensing mistake. (The pharmacist admitted it.) As a… Read More »