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Monsoon 2019 Dos and Dont’s: How to Stay Safe During Heavy Rains and Flooding in This Season

Monsoon 2019 dos and donts (Photo Credits: Twitter) Monsoons arrived late this year but the rainfall seems to be making up for the delay and how! The rains have created a havoc in parts of Maharashtra, the financial capital Mumbai almost crippling with waterlogged roads and barely moving trains. The rains accompanied by high-speed winds… Read More »

Here’s the best place to put your money in health care during the 2020 debate season: Top analyst

Investors should put their money in small- to mid-cap biotech stocks as rhetoric about changing the U.S. health-care system ramps up during the Democratic primary debate season, Jefferies analyst Michael Yee said Friday. “The big biotechs have to buy the big and small biotechs, and that’s where most [health-care] investors have been playing,” Yee said… Read More »